Pass Singapore Driving Test

E-book to build up your driving knowledge!

For such a low price, you learn so much more.

Dear learner drivers,

Together with our?huge pool of private driving instructors possessing well over 20 to 30 years of solid private driving experience, we have come up with an E-book download – “Head Start for Learner Drivers” to equip you with the essential driving knowledge you will need to know to pass your Singapore driving test easily.

There is so much useful content inside this book that you will learn much more than in 1 hour’s lesson. Knowing these will greatly increase your chances of passing the Practical Test.

Ebook ALL 1

Here’s what’s inside the E-book ‘Head?Start for Learner Drivers’:

  • Full breakdown and explanation of all stations tested in the driving test
  • A full set of?Singapore driving test assessment checklist
  • 8 super detailed and precise driving techniques broken down into simple steps!
  • Pictorial?depiction of driving maneuvers for easy visualization
  • SGLEARNTODRIVE-only special driving tips
  • Dealing with unexpected scenarios
  • … and so much?more!

Having a clear understanding of what’s coming will help you get fully prepared for the challenges ahead!

This applies to the driving test as well! It literally pays to know exactly what you will be tested on, and what driving skills you will need to master?from the beginning?so that you may be able to?learn and build up confidence faster on the roads. At times, you can even demand your driving instructors to speed up and guide you along learning the driving skills if you already know the whole curriculum.

The End Result?

Increase speed of learning and increase chances of passing the practical test.

We realized many learner drivers failed their driving tests because they are not fully prepared for the driving test, and we want to share our knowledge with you, increasing your chances to pass your driving test.


Value-adding E-book – Save you Time & Money

Learn more by reading our book than you will ever gain in an hour’s lesson. Learn about driving faster and increases your chance of passing your practical test. It pays to be knowledgeable.


Our ‘Head Start For Learner Drivers’ PDF E-book goes for $4.90